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Institute of Environmental Sustainability

Kate Levy

Documentary Filmmaker

Kate Levy is a documentary filmmaker, artist and media activist. She received her Master in Fine Arts from International Center of Photography-Bard College in 2013. She has exhibited her lens-based work and screened films internationally. Levy uses extensive place-based research to elucidate power and support social justice work through video, journalism and multimedia installation.

Levy's work has been featured on Democracy Now: The War and Peace Report, CNN, and several international film festivals. In 2015 she worked with investigative journalist Curt Guyette and the ACLU of Michigan to bring light to and document the origins of the Flint Water Crisis.  She is working on a feature documentary and citizen journalism archive project about access to affordable water in Detroit. Levy also contributes to the We the People Community Research Collaborative - a community-based multimedia mapping project about the effects of austerity and water, land and education. She teaches at Wayne State University.