Loyola University Chicago

School of Environmental Sustainability

2015 Conference

To Tend the Earth: Responding to the Global Climate Change Crisis

Loyola University Chicago’s Second Annual Climate Change Conference

March 19–21, 2015

Check out the photos from our 2015 conference, watch our divestment workshop, panel sessions or keynote address, and peruse through the science, justice, motivation and policy presentations that were on display at our second annual climate change conference.

Follow the links below to find detailed information or presentations from our 2015 Climate Change Conference.

Working Groups: AJCU participants at the 2015 Climate Change Conference spent a considerable amount of time discussing their school's sustainability asset maps and the environmental curriculum already in place or being developed at their schools. As a result, two working groups were developed. Interested AJCU members will continue to work on these initiatives throughout the 2015–2016 academic school year. Our working groups will meet monthly and report back at the 2016 Climate Change Conference.

Working Group 1: Climate Action Pledge
This group will meet monthly to develop a statement from the 28 AJCU Presidents professing their concerns about climate change and creating a pledge for campus sustainability actions.

Working Group 2: Curriculum Sharing across the AJCU network
This group will meet monthly to coordinate ways in which students from the 28 AJCUs can take environmental sustainability courses from other AJCUs to enrich their learning.

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