Loyola University Chicago

School of Environmental Sustainability

Art Exhibit: Environmental Graphiti

IES Presents: Environmental Graphiti with Artist Alisa Singer

In honor of our third annual climate change conference, IES showcased art by Environmental Graphiti and artist Alisa Singer. The art exhibit was near the poster session in the IES student lounge. These large, vibrant abstract paintings are each derived from a graph, chart, word or number representing a key indicator or fact about climate change. The paintings, printed on lightweight aluminum, are available for sale by the artist.

Carbon Emissions




Temperature Rise






Projected Arctic Sea Ice Decline


Vulnerable Coastal Cities

Environmental Graphiti™ is a venture created by artist Alisa Singer to use contemporary art as a vehicle to encourage widespread understanding of the compelling science of climate change.  We believe art can serve as a unique, effective and highly accessible messaging tool to communicate these critical facts. The Environmental Graphiti art consists of digital paintings, each using as its “canvas” a graph, chart, number or word related to a key indicator of climate change. 

Environmental Graphiti art is made available at cost if used for non-profit, governmental or educational purposes. We welcome the opportunity to share the art with you, at your home or office, in your community, or collaborate with your organization to meet your particular needs and mission around climate change awareness.