Loyola University Chicago

School of Environmental Sustainability

Climate Refugees

Climate Refugees in a Changing World

Start Date: Friday, March 16, 2018 | Start Time: 2:45 PM | Damen Student Center, Schmidt Multipurpose Room North

Moderator: Dr. Dan Amick, associate professor of Anthropology, Loyola University Chicago

According to a recent report by the Environmental Justice Foundation (EJF), tens of millions of people will be forced from their homes by climate change in the next decade, creating the biggest refugee crisis the world has ever seen.  Anthropogenic climate change has been linked to a pattern of increased extreme weather events, droughts, flooding, wildfires, and other threats to humanity.  Wellness issues for climate refugees are wide ranging but center around issues of psychological traumas and stresses associated with loss, displacement, adjustments of relocation.  Recent films such as Climate Refugees (2010) and Human Flow (2017) illustrate these problems.  This panel brough together people with professional and everyday backgrounds to discuss this issue and focused on the current crisis in Puerto Rico.

 Panelists include:

  • Dr. Susan Crate, professor of anthropology, Department of Environmental Science, George Mason University
  • Mr. Carlos Hernandez, founder and executive director of the Puerto Rican Arts Alliance 
  • Mr. Orlando Portalatin, SJ 
  • Jesus Ivan Melendez