Loyola University Chicago

School of Environmental Sustainability

Current Projects

The Institute of Environmental Sustainability has many research strengths, addressing problems that effect ecosystem and human health. We practice "science with a conscience," helping to solve real problems in the public interest and providing applicable tools for the community to use.

Our strengths lie in some of the core areas of sustainability: biodiversity restoration and conservation, aquatic systems, clean energy generation and sustainable food production.

Aquatic Ecology

Focused on the Great Lakes, streams and inland lakes of our region, our research addresses the health of aquatic ecosystems, the causes of degradation, and the feedback impacts on human health.

Clean Alternative Energy

The Clean Energy Lab is an applications labs where students are challenged to apply their classrooms skills and knowledge to implement zero-waste processes to pilot scale alternative fuel production. Our main research focus is on the utilization of process by-products to create value-add, sellable products.

Ecological Restoration and Conservation

Work to understand, protect and restore important and sensitive habitats is ongoing at Loyola. We approach the multiple purposes or stakeholder objectives in a land management situation in a way that gives multiple solutions from the restoration effort.