Loyola University Chicago

School of Environmental Sustainability

Effects of Nanomaterials

The Unintended Ecological Consequences of Nanomaterials: Effects of nanotitania in benthic systems

We are seeing the rapid transition of nanotechnology as it moves from discovery to commercialization.

Yet, the risks posed by nanotechnology to ecological and environmental health have not been rigorously assessed, and without these data a meaningful regulatory framework to protect human and environmental health and safety and guide the development of nanomaterials cannot be formulated.

The purpose of our research is to study fundamental interactions of a representative nanomaterial (various forms of nanotitania) in biological and environmental systems at increasing scale, from subcellular through ecosystem, in order to develop a testing and measurement strategy that comprehensively characterizes the ecotoxicity of nano-scaled TiO2.

Collaborators:  John J. Kelly (LUC – Biology), Kim A. Gray & Jean-Francois Gaillard [NWU – Civil Engineering], Christopher G. Peterson (LUC – IES)