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Undergraduate Teacher Preparation

Undergraduate Teacher Preparation

Loyola University Chicago’s Teacher Preparation Program provides the most comprehensive and innovative undergraduate teacher preparation of any university in Illinois. This program has been designed with the overall goal in mind of supporting and preparing teacher professionals who are experienced in improving learning outcomes for all students, reducing the achievement gap, and having  impact on diverse learners in diverse settings.


Four cornerstones guide a student’s progression through the program, each focusing on elements of Teaching, Learning, and Leading with Schools and Communities.
Whether you aim to teach bilingual, early childhood, elementary, secondary or special education all students move through the three phases of field-based sequences and modules across the four years of study.
Community and school-based apprenticeship, with birth to grade 12 experiences for every teacher candidates.
All students will be eligible to apply for an English-as-a-Second Language (ESL) endorsement.
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