Loyola University Chicago

Sustainability Committee

Example Projects

What follows is a list of ideas, some of which have been successful projects.  This is not an exhaustive list.

Outreach and Engagement

  • Event and speaker – Funding provides travel and honorarium as well as marketing, food, and materials (e.g. WaterWeek or Zero Waste athletic event).
  • Conference – Funding provides travel and outreach for Loyola community post-conference.
  • Community partnerships – Funding supports events or workdays off-campus.


  • Garden or landscape project – Funding supports native, edible or educational gardens. Anything ‘living’ has additional considerations and scrutiny.
  • Equipment – Funding supports the purchase of equipment that facilitates sustainability improvements on campus.
  • Feasibility study for potential infrastructure – Funding supports studies that document the financial and environmental feasibility of facility improvements.


  • Study – There are many sustainability projects that require preliminary studies on the impact and best approach. (e.g. water conservation behavior change, waste audits).
  • Survey – An aspect of considering potential change is to explore the interests and affinities of the Loyola community.  (e.g. commuter options survey).