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Content Strategy

The Loyola Web Team offers a number of strategic marketing analysis, advice, and optimization services for your department or program's website. These services might be especially valuable if:

  • You are ramping up a key program that has a web component
  • Your existing site is confusing, not well organized, needs refreshing
  • You want to know the effect on web traffic of a particular event, news story, advertisement, video, etc.

To get an idea of what type of services we offer, see the report types below. All reports present data, along with a list of top-level observations and recommendations. To request a quote for services, please fill out the Strategic Web Marketing Request form.

Data ReportsDescriptionSample
Basic Traffic Report Includes metrics like pageviews, unique pageviews and entrances for your site in a given timeframe. basic-traffic-report.pdf
Google Search Landing Pages Report Shows your pages' performance in Google search, including clicks, impressions, click-thru rate, position. search-landing-pages.pdf
Google Search Queries Report This report from Google Search Console will show how your site performs in Google searches. The report lists keyword phrases generate impressions and clicks for your site and where your site ranks in search results. search-queries.pdf
Site AnalysisDescriptionSample
Competitive Analysis Compares your department's website to those of your competitors, identifying opportunities to reach a broader audience through search engine optimization (SEO) and new content development.  
Navigation Analysis Shows the performance of your site's navigation, using Google Analytics data, to inform decisions on how to structure and label menus to improve access to your most valuable content.  
Keyword Analysis A keyword analysis can show the impact of particular keyword or phrase on search engine traffic. This report can give insights into the expectations of your audience. This can also be used to test the popularity of particular words used frequently on the site, in URLs, or in advertisements. Clients will receive a list of several words (perhaps up to 30), the traffic associated with those words, and an analysis and recommendations. If you have specific words you want information on, please note that in your request. Due to the limitations of reporting tools, data can only be reported for the past 90 days. keyword-analysis.pdf
User Experience Analysis A user experience audit is designed to give clients a general sense of the issues on their site that are affecting user experience. The audit is performed by clicking through each page, and recording any content, navigation, design/template, photography/mulitmedia, and technology issues. This analysis can expose problems at all levels of a site, so they can be addressed and resolved. user-experience-audit.pdf
Optimization ServicesDescriptionSample
Comprehensive Website Audit This thorough evaluation of your website will take into account all available information on your site and your marketplace (including traffic data, search engine performance, competitive analysis, search market trends, user experience) to create a plan to meet your business goals, using best editorial, design and technology practices.   
Content Marketing Producing new content or repackaging existing articles, photo galleries, and videos, to create features that attract, engage and inform your key audiences.   
Search Engine Optimization Receive line-by-line suggested revisions to your site's content, based on available search data and competitive analysis, as well as suggestions for new content development.  
User Experience Optimization Implementing the agreed-upon recommendations from the User Experience Analysis, covering the editorial, design, navigational, and technology aspects of the site, using best practices.