Loyola University Chicago

Terminal Four

Loyola University Chicago's Web Content Management System

Deploy Process

In most cases, content that is updated in T4 does not go live immediately, but go live in a two-step process that can take an hour or more.

1. Deploy to CMS4

Once an hour, T4 will deploy any changed assets to a staging server called CMS4, which is very similar to the live website, except it is not visible outside of Loyola's network. To visit a site on CMS4, go to cms4.luc.edu/yoursite, where "yoursite" is the subdirectory of your website. To see the Loyola home page on the staging server, visit cms4.luc.edu/index.shtml. (You can see any Loyola address on the staging server by simply switching out the "www" in the URL for "cms4".)

Deploys from T4 to CMS4 happen on the hour. Once a day during the early morning hours, the entire website will be deployed out of T4 to CMS4, to catch any assets that might have been missed in the routine changed assets deploys.

By previewing your sites in T4 and on CMS4, you can potentially catch mistakes before they show up on the live server. 

2. Transfer to Live Servers

Once an hour, all assets residing on CMS4 are transferred to Loyola's live webservers. This process is initiated on the hour.