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Quick Reference Guide

The following is a quick reference guide to the various section and content types that are used in Loyola’s new template (the new template features a black band across the top containing a school/department/program’s name in large white letters). Not all section and content types are available or appropriate for all users or situations.

Section Types

For a list of Section Types, click here.

Content Types

For a list of Content Types, click here.


Modal window—Pops up over the current screen. Feature Profiles, Feature Video and Photo Galleries are examples of modal windows.

SCC—See “Site Content Coordinators”

Site Content Coordinators—Site content coordinators, or SCCs, are people throughout the university who have access to T4 and are responsible for updating and maintaining web content for a particular school, department or program. If you are reading this, chances are, you are a site content coordinator.

Tiny MCE—When editing content, the Tiny MCE is a series of buttons that allow you to style your text. Tiny MCE buttons include bold, italics, bulleted lists, tables, etc.