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Section Types

Within your department's website in Terminal Four, there are a number of sections that perform special functions. Below is a list of these special sections and how they work within your template:


Some sections will have a subsection called "archive". These sections very often will display items within the archive section as a list of headlines, images and short blurbs. Content types that can be displayed in the archive section include Feature Story, Feature Video, Feature Video, Feature Link and Feature Blog Post. These section types are used for the News Archive system. For more information on how to manage your site's news, see .


Stores special coding for a site’s calendar RSS feed. The calendar feed works only with the University Calendar and does not support feeds from Google Calendar, Outlook, or other external systems. A feed can be setup to pull events labeled for the whole university, or limit events to a specific department. Adding and removing individual events is done through the University Calendar system and not T4. Most users will not need to do anything with the Calendar section in T4 once it has been setup.


Contains the site’s footer, which appears in the white box at the very bottom of the page. The footer can also contain Social Networking Links and Recruitment Links.


Used to contain the banner, which appears above home_top or home_center on home pages. This should be used for special announcements and reminders. It can contain links, which should be bolded. You can also bold other words within the banner for emphasis.


Used primarily as alternate to home_top, with a smaller area that spans the right two columns of the page, with a headline, intro text, and image. Be sure to also fill out the "tab" field. The home_center section uses a content's panoramic image, which should be sized to 1800x735.


An alternative to home_news, which displays standard text and images in the center column of your home page and uses the Page Content Only content type. Additionally, the text in the Sub-Heading field serves as the tab in the upper left corner of the box.


Content in this section will appear on the left side of your home page, below the home_top content or next to the home_center content. It can be used to display a variety of content types, such as Feature Link, Feature Multiple Links, calendars, and social media buttons and feeds.


A list of news items displayed in the center column of your home page. The news items will be displayed in the order they are listed within this section in T4 (use the up and down arrows to rearrange). This section accommodates Feature Link and Feature Blog Post.


This will appear on the right side of your home page, below the home_top or home_center content and can be used to display a variety of content types, similar to home_left.


This is the lead image and headline on your home page, with a panoramic image spanning three columns. The panoramic image must be sized to 1800 X 735. Ideally, this should be changed frequently and should contain the most important and timely information you want to convey to your users. It could also be used as an area to tell the story of what's going on in your department, highlight successes, shine the light on key programs, etc. The photo/image in this area must be a high-quality image, and it must meet Loyola design standard.


This will appear in the left column of an interior page, below the navigation menu.


The right column on an interior page, used to display a variety of content types. The right_column is inherited by all all subsections, except for sections that contain their own unique right_columns.


Holds an image that displays as the background for the site. Background photos are shot in a particular style and meant to be somewhat abstract, and only high-quality images can be used.


For sites in the new template, the site_logo sets the URL and verbiage for the site’s heading (in large white text next across the top) and subhead.