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Loyola University Chicago's Web Content Management System

Image Sizes

Most images uploaded to LUC.edu should be cropped to a few standard sizes. If sized correctly, the site will automatically shrink the images to display correctly in different contexts. For the best quality images, photographers should be instructed to shoot horizontally and at high resolutions.

Standard Image Size

Most images should be sized to 1000 x 560 (which is 1000 pixels wide, 560 pixels high) at a resolution of 72 dpi. 

Panoramic (used in home_top)

Images intended to be displayed in the home_top section of a site's home page should be sized to 1800 x 735, 72 dpi.

Naming Conventions

Web standards are constantly changing, and it can be frustrating to find an image that is the correct size when you're working on your website. But you can keep your media library organized by labeling images clearly according to content and size. In the T4 media library, you can name your folders based on image sizes (such as "1000x560" or "1800x725") to help keep things straight.