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Add/Remove Section from Navigation

Sections can easily be added or removed from the navigation. If a section is part of the site's navigation structure, the folder icon next to it will be yellow. If it is NOT part of the navigation structure, it's folder icon will be gray. When an item is removed from the navigation, users will have difficulty finding it, unless it is linked to from another page. It may still show up in search results.

Step 1. To add or remove a section from navigation, start at the Site Structure in T4, and mouse over the gold button next to the section you want to add or remove, and click Modify Section. 

Step 2. On the Modify Section screen, scroll down toward the bottom of the page and find the Show in Navigation? field. To add a section to navigation, check the box. To remove it from navigation, uncheck it. Then click the Update button at the bottom.

That's it!