Loyola University Chicago

Terminal Four

Setting up Social Feeds

Our latest template uses a new back-end application to drive its social networking feeds. In order to use the social feeds module, you will need to link each of your department's social media accounts with Loyola's server. To do this, please follow these instructions:

1. Log out of any personal social media accounts

2. Visit the following URLs. When promoted to Login, be sure to login using your department username/password (not your personal account).






After the accounts are linked, take note of any information (usernames or IDs) that you are provided.

3. In Terminal Four, open your social feed module, check to ensure all the username and ID information from STEP 2 is correct and enter information for any social feeds that are missing. When you are done updating, click "Update and Approve" in the upper right hand corner of T4.

4. In T4, preview a page that displays the social feeds module to ensure it is working correctly.