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Information Technology Services

Device Recovery

Prey Anti-Theft Tracking Mobile iOS - PreyProject

Prey is a complete anti-theft application that lets you track and locate your lost or stolen iPhone, iPad and Mac laptop. Locate and recover your device with geolocation and many more features.

LoJack for Laptops Security - LoJack

LoJack for Laptops helps businesses and individuals track, manage, secure and recover computers. Remote data and device security features to prevent use of a lost laptop, protect privacy remotely and map a laptop's location. This service includes a dedicated theft recovery team that works with local law enforcement to track a stolen laptop.

EXO5 Security - EXO5

Track and locate laptops, smartphones and tablets. Prevent asset theft and data breaches with anti-theft countermeasure including hard drive lockout, out-of-band file encryption and full disk encryption PIN revocation.

Personal Device Security Disclaimer: It is important to note that no software application or hardware device has a guarantee of recovery if your device is lost or stolen. If your device is stolen, please do not use these tools to put yourself in a dangerous situation. Contact the appropriate authorities if you have information that may aid in the return of your equipment.