Loyola University Chicago

Technology Roadmap

Graduate Nursing

Stage 4

Explore how to view your bills, set up a tuition payment plan, student health insurance, and establish a refund direct deposit profile. Learn how to connect your electronic devices to our network.

Stage No. 4


  • Campus Finances Overview and Account Summary (video | PDF)
  • Electronic Billing and the iPlan (video | PDF)
  • Student Health Insurance (video | PDF)
  • Refund Direct Deposit (video | PDF)


  • Every new device connecting to the network via wired or wireless must be registered.
  • Select the "loyola" network in your Wi-Fi settings. Open your browser and you will be prompted to register your device.
  • You may also register your device by clicking here.
  • For more information about Loyola Netreg  please contact the ITS Help Desk, or visit this page.