Loyola University Chicago

THEA Institute

Mark Bersano

Coordinator of Parish Leadership and Management Programs

Institute of Pastoral Studies

WTC - Lewis Towers - 609C



Education: MA in Social Justice (MASJ) from Loyola University Chicago, and a B.A. in English from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale

Mark Bersano, Coordinator of Parish Leadership and Management Programs at the Institute of Pastoral Studies, is the former Director of the INSPIRE Project, a Lilly Endowment Sustaining Pastoral Excellence grant initiative that partnered Loyola University Chicago with the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Chicago to build collaborative parish staffs. In his current role, Mark works in concert with dioceses and parishes to create innovative educational opportunities for adult learners that go beyond IPS’s traditional Graduate Degrees. Mark’s passion lies in greening the Earth through the promotion of simple living, economic justice, and viable alternatives to consumerism. He believes that the power and wisdom of local communities—especially local parish communities—can transform the world. His involvement in T.H.E.A. is in support of current and future generations who incorporate environmental sustainability and human reconciliation with the Earth into any and all vocations they may choose.