Loyola University Chicago

THEA Institute

Nancy Tuchman


Founding Dean, Institute of Environmental Sustainability

BVM Hall 307




PhD: Aquatic Ecology, University of Louisville
MS: Aquatic Ecology, Central Michigan University
BS: Biology, Central Michigan University

Nancy Tuchman spent the first 14 years of her career as a Professor of Aquatic Ecology in the Department of Biology at Loyola University Chicago before going on to serve as the Associate Provost for Research, the Founding Director of the Center for Urban Environmental Research and Policy (CUERP), the Vice Provost, and finally the Founding Director of the Institute of Environmental Sustainability (IES), a position she continues to hold. Her vision for IES is to raise public awareness of the unsustainable consumption of our Earth’s natural resources with the goal of transforming behavior, developing policy, and inspiring and preparing next generation science-based environmental leaders. To that end, IES engages students, faculty, staff and administrators in activities designed to lower our campus consumption of energy and natural resources, and reduce our waste production. Tuchman’s research focuses on human impacts on aquatic ecosystem structure and function. Her work has spanned from investigating the effects of greenhouse gases on stream ecosystem food webs, to the impacts of invasive plant and animal species on Great Lakes coastal ecosystems, to the effects of emerging contaminants such as plasticizers (Bisphenol-A), and pharmaceuticals (e.g. antibiotics and endocrine disruptors) on streams and lakes.