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On this page, Fellows will find links to the digital materials that accompany the THEA Fellowship Curriculum Packets. If you're using the printed version of the packet, links to digital materials are highlighted in green. You can open the PDF packet to click that link, or find the link below. 


Activity 2.1

Anthropogenic Causes

Activity 2.3

The Story of Stuff

Activity 2.4

Online Ecological Footprint Calculator

Coltan and Cell Phones

Activity 2.5

Climate Deniers Shift Tactics to "Inactivism"

The Problem with Consumerism

Week 4

Chinook Tribe Has Its Day In Court, But Still Faces Long Road To Recognition


Activity 2.6

Technology: Creativity & Power (pgs. 75-78)

The troubling evolution of corporate greenwashing

Activity 2.7

Jevon's Paradox and the Rebound Effect


Activity 3.1

Environmental Justice, explained

Activity 3.2

Interactive Map of Chicago Link

Activity 3.4

Corporate Personhood

Why lakes and rivers should have the same rights as humans


Activity 3.6

The Seven Grandfather Teachings Story

Water and Ethics

Activity 3.6

Indigenous Climate Action: Indigenous Peoples & Climate Change

Causes and Effects of Climate Change: National Geographic

Activity 3.7

Water and Spirituality

"The Right to Dream"

Activity 3.8

Tribal and First Nations Great Lakes Water Accord




Activity 1.2

What is Integral Ecology?

Activity 1.3

Healing Earth: Introduction