Loyola University Chicago

THEA Institute

Program Structure & Curriculum

The following is an overview of the THEA Fellowship curriculum. To view the full curriculum outline, click here.

The school year will be divided into 4 ‘Modules': Introduction, Our Environment, Then and Now, and Shaping the Future. Topics found in Healing Earth will be present throughout the year.

Each Module contains two or three month-long units. College mentors will be provided with topic guidelines and objectives for each module as well as themes, activities, resources, reflection topics and a main take away specific to each month-long unit. The units are designed with an intentional sequence that nourishes the College Mentors and Fellows to foster community, incorporate theological reflection, and be witnesses to their own growth and transformation on living a life that integrates ecological spirituality. The proposed interaction between College Mentor and Fellow is to be a participatory learning experience in which both mentors and fellows are involved in the construction and instruction of the year-long fellowship.

The THEA fellowship centers the social-ecological discussion on water issues by exploring the sacredness of water and ethical challenges surrounding the water of the Great Lakes. Participants will explore their own relationship with water and deepen their vocation to care for and heal the Earth. Each month, water themes are weaved into the activities and reflection to prepare Fellows for a final action-oriented project related to their assigned Great Lake. Fellows will be expected to work in their groups and apply the knowledge gained throughout the fellowship to plan and execute their project. Aligned with Healing Earth’s method of forming an integral ecologist, Fellows will see scientifically, think ethically, reflect spiritually, and act effectively.

College mentors will be expected to understand the narrative arc of the year and facilitate discussion, learning, and reflections. They will also be expected to create a welcoming environment that fosters the spiritual development of each participant as a member of the THEA community. 

*Please note that the objectives for each Module are subject to change as we develop the curriculum. We will update this page with our latest version. 

Each month, the Fellowship will follow this structure/time commitment: 
  • Week 1: Engage content (lesson); approximately 2 hours per month
    • Lessons will be structured in 20 – 30 minutes blocks of time (mostly asynchronous)
  • Week 2:  individual conversation with mentor; 15-60 minutes
  • Week 3:  Small group with Fellows and Mentor; 60 minutes synchronous
  • Week 4:  Reflective integration of material and individual prayer; 20 minutes

Activities will be synchronous, asynchronous, and individually scheduled.