Loyola University Chicago

THEA Institute

Prospective Students


The High School Fellow Application is OPEN NOW! Apply here: https://uao.luc.edu/register/thea_2021 


We envision participants who use their God-given gifts to work for social-ecological transformation and to encounter God’s creation with a spirit of awe and wonder.

These are the traits we're looking for in prospective fellows:

  • High school students from the Chicago who will be sophomores or juniors in the fall of 2021.
  • Suggested minimum G.P.A. of 2.5 at the end of sophomore year of high school.
  • The ratio of Fellows to college mentors is 5-1 providing a more personal interaction. This 5-1 pod creates a social distance pod that currently meets Illinois pandemic guidelines.
  • Time commitment:
    • Week 1: Engage content (lesson); approximately 2 hours per month
      • Asynchronous lessons will be structured in 20 – 30 minutes blocks of time
    • Week 2: individual conversation with mentor; 15-60 minutes
    • Week 3: Small group with Fellows and Mentor; 60 minutes synchronous
    • Week 4: Reflective integration of material and individual prayer; 20 minutes
  • Activities will be synchronous, asynchronous, and individually scheduled

Benefits for High School Students

High school students are constantly being bombarded with questions about their future: Are you ready for graduation? What college will you attend? What career have you chosen?

At the same time, students are being asked, perhaps for the first time, to decide what their faith lives look like. Where are our skills, passions and interests best suited? How do justice and activism fit into faith and spirituality? How can faith make the world a better place?

THEA Fellows will be given the opportunity to lean on a community of peers who may be struggling with the same questions. With guidance from College Mentors, Fellows will realize the impact they can have when they are exploring topics that arouse their curiosities and doing work that tickles their passions. We imagine that the relationship between Fellows and Mentors will not end when the Fellowship does: these connections will be valuable to students as they begin to think about their plans after high school and beyond.

Academically, students will be presented with a curriculum that is specifically designed to be approachable yet challenging for high school students. This curriculum will enrich the science and religion content they already receive in school and is an excellent preview of the interdisciplinary coursework many universities (including Loyola) have placed at the center of their academic programs.

Students will also establish a relationship with Loyola University Chicago, visiting and touring our campus (as conditions allow) and connecting with faculty and staff in the School of Environmental Sustainability, Campus Ministry, and the Undergraduate Admissions Office.