Loyola University Chicago


Department of Fine and Performing Arts


Name Title Office # Phone/E-mail
Mark E. Lococo, Ph.D. Chairperson Mundelein 1314 773.508.7511
Lee Keenan, M.F.A. Director of Theatre Mundelein 1318 773.508.3842
April Browning, M.B.A. Managing Director, Producer of Public Programming Mundelein 1215 773.508.3833
Devon de Mayo, M.F.A. Lecturer of Theatre Mundelein 1302 773.508.7510
Sandra Delgado Instructor of Theatre MUND 1316 773.508.8645
Sarah Gabel, Ph.D Professor of Theatre Mundelein 1213 773.508.8347
Rachel Healy, M.F.A. Associate Professor of Theatre Mundelein 1303 708.508.3832
Kelly Howe, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Theatre Mundelein 1305 773.508.3905
Tim Kane, M.F.A. Assistant Professor of Theatre Mundelein 1316 773.508.7510
Katie Klemme Adjunct Instructor in Theatre and Stage Management Mundelein 1202 773.508.7502
Justin Krecker-Snyder Technical Director Mundelein 181 773.508.3844
Ross Lehman Instructor of Theatre Mundelein 1302 773.508.7510
Tim Mann, M.F.A. Senior Lecturer of Theatre Mundelein 1317 773.508.8324
Austin Pettinger Costume Shop Manager Mundelein 002A 773.508.3845
Clare Roche Lighting and Sound Supervisor Mundelein 181 773.508.3844
Jonathan Wilson, M.F.A. Professor of Theatre Mundelein 1304 773.508.3838