Loyola University Chicago


Department of Fine and Performing Arts

Audition Information and Tips

Admission to the Theatre program at Loyola University Chicago does not require an audition, however, competitive scholarships are available. Incoming freshmen and transfer students interested in applying for competitive scholarships must audition. Scholarship recipients must be admitted to the University.

  • An audition order will be determined at the time of arrival.
  • All interviews and auditions begin with an informal conversation with our faculty and staff.
  • Choose your material carefully and rehearse it with your director until you are comfortable with it. Nervousness is a constant companion at auditions, and can take its toll on unrehearsed material. Select material which best demonstrates your abilities and versatility. Remember that a simple selection done well is better than a difficult one done poorly.
  • Prepare more than one selection to show various acting styles. If singing, prepare a verse from both an up-tempo song and a ballad. If dancing, prepare a short combination exhibiting your most proficient dance styles.
  • Important: Prepare 3-4 minutes of material; the audition staff will stop you at 4 minutes. If the audition staff requires more time, they will ask you for it. Cut your material to eliminate repetitive verses and choruses. Be selective in choosing your material; go for the big finish, the quiet moment, or those parts that really show off your best. Remember, the purpose of an audition is not to entertain the audition staff, but to show them your best qualifications in a short period of time.
  • Design/tech applicants should bring a portfolio of their work and be prepared to discuss it with our faculty and staff. The portfolio should include pertinent renderings, drawings, designs, sketches, production photos, or examples of your artistic and technical expertise.
  • Consider your personal appearance. Your audition is similar to a job interview, so first impressions are important. You only have a short period of time to make the most favorable impression with your talent, appearance, personality, and attitude, and your evaluation begins the moment the faculty sees you enter the theatre.
  • Keep props and equipment to a minimum as delays in assembling this equipment can be disruptive to other auditions.
  • For scholarship auditions, you should prepare two contrasting pieces, on of which may be a 16-bar section from a song. Please bring clearly marked sheet music as an accompanist will be provided. 
  • Do your best and do not be discouraged if you make mistakes. All of the audition staff have been in your place at one time or another. We will extend every courtesy and consideration to make your audition a positive experience.
  • Each applicant will receive written notification, one way or the other, regarding the awarding of scholarships after all auditions and sessions have been held. Please do not call inquiring about your audition. Those answering the phones will not have the information you seek, and calls of this nature only delay the selection process.