Loyola University Chicago

Department of Theology

Molly Greening




PhD Candidate


Hille Haker


feminist ethics, migration ethics, transreligious theology, queer theory, Gloria Anzaldúa, spiritual activism, racism, globalization, colonialism, belonging and coalitional social movements    


Hille Haker, Towards a Critical Political Ethics: Catholic Ethics and Social Challenges, in collaboration with Molly Greening. Schwabe Echter Verlabe, 2020.

Unaccompanied Migrant Children: Social, Legal, and Ethical Perspectives.  Molly Greening and Hille Haker, editors. Lexington Books, 2019.

2016 – Center for the Human Rights of Children, Loyola University Chicago “Crossing the Border Alone: Catholic Responses to Unaccompanied Children Migrating to the United States.”

2010 – Washington Post On Faith Blog, Guest Blogger “Mosque Moves from Center of Division to Healing


2021 – Sign of the Times: Context, Contingency, and Crisis, Loyola University Chicago, panelist, “Putting the Status Quo Into Question: Gender, Colonization, and the Search for a Globalization without Marginalization

2021 – Theta Alpha Kappa Dismantling White Supremacy Series, Loyola University Chicago, panelist

2020 – Annual Society of Christian Ethics Meeting, Washington, D. C., Presenter: “From White Guilt to Intentional Action: Deconstructing Roadblocks to White Allyship”

2019 – American Academy of Religion Annual Meeting, San Diego, California, Religions, Borders and Immigration Seminar, Presenter: “Border Walls and Islamic Borderlands: Transgressing the Shared Ethos of Religious Boundary Making and Geopolitical Border Policing”

2019 – Societas Ethica, Annual Conference, Digital Humanity, Tutzing, Germany, Presenter: “Surveillance, Belonging, and the (In)Humanity of Asylum Seekers” 

2019 – Annual Society of Christian Ethics Meeting, Louisville, Kentucky, Convener: “The Ethics of Contextual Theology”

2018 – Societas Ethica Annual Conference, Feminist Ethics and the Question of Gender, Louvain-la-Nueve, Belgium, Presenter: “Us, Too? The #MeToo Movement and Epistemic Injustice”   

2018 – Annual Society of Christian Ethics Meeting, Portland, Oregon, Convener: “Liberty and Hospitality for All? Assessing Christian Responses to the Refugee Crisis”

 2017 – Dorothy Day: Revolution of the Heart, Loyola University Chicago, Panelist “The Catholic Worker since Dorothy Day: Doing the Work in the Midwest”

2017 – Theta Alpha Kappa, Loyola University Chicago, Organizer: “Faith That Moves: A Discussion on Religion and Immigration”

2016 – THEO 278: Ethics of Migration, Loyola University Chicago, Guest Lecturer: “Unaccompanied Children and Global Migration Ethics: On the U.S./Mexico Border”

 2016 – Theta Alpha Kappa, Theology Department, and Women’s Studies/Gender Studies Department, Loyola University Chicago, Organizer and Moderator: “Ms. Representation: Media Portrayals of Afghan Women and the Epistemic Violence of International Intervention”

 2016 – Social Justice Dinner Dialogue, Loyola University Chicago, Panelist: “Building Understanding: The Facts and Faces of Immigration”

 2016 – Joan and Bill Hank Center for Catholic Intellectual Heritage: Catholicism in Dialogue Series, Loyola University Chicago, Moderator: “A Year of Mercy:  The Abrahamic Faiths in the Year of Jubilee”

 2016 – 4th International Richard A. McCormick Ethics Colloquium: Healing the Wounds of Violence, Loyola University Chicago, Panelist: “State Violence and Violence Against Vulnerable Groups: Unaccompanied Children’s Rights and Catholic Responses”      

 2016 – Theta Alpha Kappa, Loyola University Chicago, Organizer and Moderator “Women, Religion, and Sexuality: Hindu, Jewish, and Catholic Reflections on Who Makes the Rules and Who Breaks the Rules”

2016 – THEO 278: Christian Women & Spirituality Loyola University Chicago, Guest Lecturer: “Dorothy Day: Activist, Visionary, Peacemaker”

 2016 – John Courtney Murray Forum, Loyola University Chicago, Panelist: “Being Millennial: A Conversation about Faith and Identity”

 2015 – Loyola University Chicago Theta Alpha Kappa Panel, Chicago, IL, Panelist: “Personal or Political? The Impacts of Studying Religion within a Secular Society”

 2015 – Midwest Region of the American Academy of Religion, Ada, OH, Presenter: “The Curtain No Weaver Has Woven: Exploring the Methodological Limitations of Religious Studies and Theology Through the Mystical Singing Traditions of West Bengal, India”

 2014 – THEO 240: Women and Religion, Loyola University Chicago, Guest Lecturer: “Navigating Social Norms and Sexual Assault”

 2014 – THEO 260: Intro to Catholicism, Loyola University Chicago, Guest Lecturer: “Sexual Ethics on College Campuses”

 2014 – Medical Ethics in Healthcare Chaplaincy, Chicago, IL, Presenter: “The Work of a Hospitality House: Historical and Personal Reflections on the Catholic Worker Movement”

2014 –Theta Alpha Kappa, Loyola University Chicago, Presenter: “Seeing Double? Visions of Religion through the Eyes of Religious Studies and Theology”

 2012 – St. Mary’s University, Winona, MN, Guest Lecturer: “Concepts of the Good Life and the Winona Catholic Worker”


2019 – Archival Research, Gloria Evangelina Anzaldúa Papers, Nettie Lee Benson Latin American Collection, University of Texas at Austin

2011 – “The Chosen Women: A Comparative Analysis of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Catholicism and Hazreti Maryam in Sufism”

2009 – 2010 – Comparative Religion and Culture Program (CRC), Global College, Taiwan, Thailand, India, and Turkey

2009 – Southeast Asia Law Enforcement Training and Consulting Associates (SEALETA), Sex Work, Sex Trafficking, and Political Rights, Chiang Mai, Thailand

2009 – “The Way of the Beloved: Audio Recordings from a Sufi and Vanishnavite Sahaja Mela” Hatgovindapur, West Bengal, India

2007 –“Por Nuestro Futuro, Por Nuestros Niños: Photos and Poetry by the Women of La Carpio” Fundación Humanitaria, La Carpio, San José, Costa Rica


2016 – present – Ph.D. Student, Integrative Studies in Ethics and Theology (Ethics Concentration), Loyola University Chicago

2016 – M.A./M.A Theology/Women’s Studies and Gender Studies, Loyola University Chicago 

2011 – B.A. Global Studies (Comparative Religion Concentration), Global College of Long Island University


THEO 100: Introduction to Christian Theology


American Academy of Religion

Societas Ethica

Society of Christian Ethics


2021 – 2022 – Crown Fellowship, Loyola University Chicago

2021 – 2022 – Holstein Dissertation Fellowship, University of California, Riverside

Organizer, Suburban Solidarity Network

Cellist, Chicago Folklore Ensemble, Ochin Pakhi

Facilitator, Sharing Perspectives Foundation