Loyola University Chicago

Department of Theology


Integrative Seminar Courses

  • Yearly Integrative Seminar (program requirement for all ISET Students)

Ethics Courses

  • Feminist Ethics (Haker) or Feminist Ethics/Theology (Ross)
  • Theological Anthropology and Ethics (Ross)
  • Bioethics (Vigen or Haker)
  • Sexual Ethics (Sullivan-Dunbar)
  • Catholic Social Ethics (focuses in matters such as Migration Ethics, Justice and Solidarity) (Rajendra)
  • Methods of Moral Reasoning (Haker)
  • Social Ethics (Schuck)
  • Dependency and Social Ethics (Sullivan-Dunbar)
  • Medical Ethics (Vigen)
  • Ethics and Ecology (Vigen or French)
  • Ethics of Responsibility (Haker)
  • Moral Concepts of the Self (Haker)
  • Global Health and Ecology (Vigen)
  • Religions, Peacemaking or Natural Law (French)
  • Christian Ethicists and their Writings (French)
  • Hermeneutics and Ethics (Haker)
  • Protestant Ethics (Vigen)

Theology Courses

  • Feminist Theology/Ethics (Ross)
  • Fundamental Theology (McCarthy)
  • Theological Anthropology and Ethics (Ross)
  • Historical Theology (Ross or McIntosh)
  • Sacraments (Bosco)
  • Liberation Theology (Diaz)
  • Religious Pluralism (Nicholson)
  • Christology (Bernardi)
  • Orthodoxy and Heresy in Comparative Perspective (Nicholson)
  • Soteriology (Bernardi)
  • Political Theology (Dickinson)
  • Queer Theology (Dickinson)
  • Trinity, Spirituality & Theological Metaphysics (McIntosh)
  • History of Christian Thought (McIntosh, Ross)
  • Theology & Modernity (Dickinson)
  • Triune Mystery (Diaz)
  • Nature and Method in Theology (Nicholson)
  • Buddhist-Christian Dialogue (Nicholson)
  • Faith and Reason (Bernardi)
  • God, Politics & the Common Good (Diaz)
  • Christian Identity and the Non-Christian Other (Nicholson)