Loyola University Chicago

Department of Theology


Ethics Faculty

William C. French: Catholic theological ethics and Natural Law; ecological ethics; war and peace

Hille Haker: Philosophical foundations of Catholic & Christian Ethics; Continental Philosophy and Critical Theory; recognition theory and moral responsibility, bioethics, theories of justice, feminist ethics, ethics and literature

Tisha Rajendra: Catholic Social Teaching and Ethics, philosophical foundations of Catholic and Christian Ethics, migration, and transnational & global ethics

Susan A. Ross: Catholic theological ethics and anthropology; spirituality and aesthetics; feminist theology and ethics

Michael Schuck: Catholic Social Teaching and Social Ethics; political ethics, ecological ethics; social theory and religious ethics; faith, human development and the social-moral self

Sandra Sullivan-Dunbar: Christian social and theological ethics (Catholic and Protestant), feminist ethics (theological and philosophical), dependency and disability studies, theologies of love and justice, feminist ethics, methods in contemporary ethics

Aana Marie Vigen: Protestant social and theological ethics, social scientific methods of moral reasoning (ethnography/qualitative studies); bioethics; feminist theology and ethics, ecological ethics

Systematic Theology Faculty

Peter Bernardi, SJ: Modern Christian Though, John Henry Newman, Maurice Blondel, The Renewal of Catholic Theology, Theology of Vatican II, Christology, Soteriology

Mark Bosco, SJ: Graham Greene, Flannery O’Connor, Post Vatican II Catholic Literary Imagination, Theology and Literature, Sacraments

Miguel Diaz: Trinitarian Theology, Theological Anthropology, Political Anthropology, Political Theology, Latino/a Theology

Colby Dickinson: Systematic Theology, Political Theology, Continental Philosophy and Theology, Contextual Theologies (Feminist, Postcolonial)

John McCarthy: Fundamental Theology and Hermeneutics, Philosophy and Theology (especially modern and contemporary), Theology and the Sciences

Mark McIntosh: Christian Spirituality and Mysticism, Systematic Theology (Christology, Trinitarian Theology, Theological Epistemology, Christian Platonism

Hugh Nicholson: Comparative Theology, Interface between Theology and the Comparative Study of Religion, Theology and Postmodern Thought, Classical Indian Philosophy

Susan A. Ross: Feminist Theologies, Sacramental Theology, Systematic Theology, Theological Anthropology

Devorah Schoenfeld: Medieval Bible Commentaries, Jewish-Christian Relations, Dream Interpretation in the Talmud, Proofs for the Existence of God in Medieval Jewish Philosophy