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Arduino Maiuri

Title/s:  Liceo Classico “C. Tacito” in Rome and Lifelong Learning University in Rome



Arduino Maiuri is a teacher of Classics at the Secondary School (Liceo Classico "Cornelio Tacito" in Rome) and of Historical-Religious disciplines at the Upter (Lifelong Learning University in Rome). Professor Maiuri matriculated with a PhD in Greek and Latin Philology and Religious History ("La Sapienza"). As a member of the Italian Society of History of Religions, he has taken part to various conferences dealing with the ancient world. Among his most recent publications include the following monographs: La giurisdizione criminale in Tacito. Aspetti letterari e implicazioni politiche (Alpes, Rome, 2012) and Sacra privata. Rituali domestici e istituti giuridici in Roma antica (L'Erma di Bretschneider, Rome, 2013).