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Christof Mandry, Ph.D.

Title/s:  Frankfurt University



Christof Mandry is the Chair of Moral Theology and Social Ethics in the Catholic Theology Department of Frankfurt University (Germany). He earned his doctorate (2001) at the University of Tübingen and his habilitation (2009) at the University of Erfurt. Prior to joining the faculty at Frankfurt University, Dr. Mandry was Professor of Christian Worldview and Theory of Culture and Religion at Erfurt University (2009-2013) and Invited Professor of Social Ethics and Practical Theology at Saarbrücken University (2013-2014). Recent publications are: Die Gabe. Zum Stand der interdisziplinären Diskussion (The Gift. An interdisciplinary debate), 2015, ed. with Veronika Hoffmann und Ulrike Link-Wieczorek; Religion und Recht (Religion and Law) 2014, ed. with Benedikt Kranemann und Hans-Friedrich Müller; and the monograph Europa als Wertegemeinschaft. Eine theologisch-ethische Untersuchung zum politischen Selbstverständnis der Europäischen Union (Europe as a Community of Values. A Theological-Ethical Reflection of the European Union?s Political Identity), 2009. His research interests with regard to the “Sacred” include: respect and love for the Sacred within a theological ethics of life form; European memory and political identity.