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Andrea Nicolotti, PhD

Title/s:  University of Turin



Andrea Nicolotti, PhD (2005), University of Turin, is a Research Fellow in the Department of Historical Studies. His studies are focused on the methodology of historical research, Greek translations of the Old Testament, ancient Christianity, the history of the liturgy (especially Coptic and Byzantine tradition) and the history of the relics. He published a deep history of the practice of exorcism in early Christianity (Esorcismo cristiano e possessione diabolica, Brepols 2011), a history of the Image of Edessa (From the Mandylion of the Edessa to the Shroud of Turin, Brill 2014), a history of the Shroud of Turin (Sindone, storia e leggende di una reliquia controversa, Einaudi 2015) and a history of the Shroud of Besancon (Le Saint Suaire de Besançon et Othon de la Roche, Franche-Bourgogne 2015). He is interested in investigating the use of the concept of the "sacred" in relation to objects and relics in the Christian tradition, and the various uses of the concept of sacredness in different historical environments.