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Opportunities for Women

The Department of Theology takes seriously Loyola University Chicago’s longstanding and public commitment to the creation of a diverse learning community for the sake of service to humanity.  One concrete way, among others, that we strive to embody this spirit is evident in our commitment to supporting women’s scholarship and to fostering a learning environment in which women will find opportunities to thrive.  With current and prospective graduate students in mind, we have designed this page to introduce financial, academic, and research opportunities for women both in the Department of Theology and in the larger community of Loyola University Chicago.

The Faculty includes prominent scholars and teachers who have made significant contributions to the fields of feminist theology/ethics and to women’s studies.  Areas of expertise include: Theological and Social Ethics (e.g. feminist method, family and sexual ethics, medical and healthcare ethics); Systematic and Sacramental Theology informed by feminist perspectives; Theological Anthropology; the role of women in Hindu, Islamic, and goddess traditions.

In addition, masters and doctoral students are encouraged to take graduate courses from faculty in other departments (e.g. Communication, English, History, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Social Work, Sociology) who participate in the Women’s Studies program.  Both masters and doctoral students may add a concentration in Women’s Studies and Gender Studies to their academic program (see the “Graduate Scholars” link below).  Masters students in Theological Studies may take up to four courses outside of the Department of Theology.  All doctoral students are required to take two interdisciplinary courses (offered either within or outside of the Department).  In addition, at the discretion of their advisors, Ph.D. candidates may take up to two additional cognate courses in other disciplines.

Finally, the Department of Theology takes the mentoring of all of its graduate students very seriously.  All students receive attentive consultation from their professors, advisors, and dissertation committees.  In addition, faculty members give graduate students feedback on how to craft a CV, create new courses, teach effectively, and prepare for interviews.  In a similar vein, one of the central aims of the Graduate Student Caucus has been to incorporate professional development programs and forums to discuss topics of particular interest to women into the annual list of Caucus activities.

Recent decades have witnessed a rise of women in scholarship, creating exciting opportunities especially for women in theology and religious studies. Loyola University Chicago’s Department of Theology is proud to support women and men in their scholarship and in preparation for service to the church and the world.  We hope that you will join us.

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