Loyola University Chicago

Department of Theology

Placements and Statistics

Publication of Dissertations*

As the latest AAR/SBL report notes1, publications are becoming more important in entry-level positions. The dissertation becomes the most efficient way for candidates to publish a monograph, or a source to mine for articles and presentations early in their careers. Although the publishing practices vary wildly between sub- fields, the rates at which we see graduates publishing their dissertations is an important metric.


Overall average number of years to publication: 2.8

Average number of years to publication among dissertations approved within the last six years of data (2010-2015): 2.3

Two dissertations within that timeframe were published within a year after approval.

1http://www.sbl-site.org/assets/pdfs/jobsReportAy15.pdf, p. 1.

*Information compiled and graphed by Jeffrey M. Tripp, PhD.