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Theology and Interdisciplinary Study

Theology and Interdisciplinary Study

Following upon the series of 2016 - 2017 academic year programs titled "Celebrating Galileo - Celebrazioni Galileiane" that explored the intersection of religion and science, Prof. Hans Svebakken continues the exploration of religion and science this Fall 2017 in his course titled "Theology and Interdisciplinary Study." The following course description names the themes and topics to be addressed in the course. 

Does the evolutionary account of human origins make belief in God obsolete? If not, how do people of faith, and Christians in particular, combine God and evolution in an intellectually satisfying way without undermining the foundations of their theological heritage? We'll consider these questions--and a range of others involving science, the Bible, and the meaning of human existence--in THEO 280: God, Evolution, and Human Origins. Phase one of the course introduces some of the essential ideas in science and theology needed to conduct phase two of the course: a detailed survey of major issues and positions within the contemporary discussion of God and evolution. Phase three of the course examines specific Christian doctrines (e.g., original sin) in light of some questions and challenges raised by the evolutionary account of human origins.