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Devon-Sheridan TIF Design Guidelines Committee

Devon-Sheridan TIF Design Guidelines Committee

The Design Guidelines Steering Committee was the first community group to form after the designation of the TIF District. It was created in order to directly respond to the redevelopment objectives of the TIF Ordinance which called for the establishment of "Community Urban Design Guidelines that may be used to help define the physical characteristics of proposed development."

The committee was made up of representatives of 14 community organizations that met bi-weekly from November 2004 to May 2005 in order to work directly with the planning consultant, Solomon Cordwell Buenz and Associates. Two public meetings were held in order to solicit input from the larger community and include comments and preferences into the final guidelines.


Devon-Sheridan TIF Task Force

The TIF Task Force was a committee of residents, business owners, and community leaders appointed by Aldermen Joseph Moore and Patrick O'Connor. Beginning in May 2003 and ending with the adoption of the Devon-Sheridan TIF Ordinance by the City Council in April 2004, the charge of the Task Force was to write the Redevelopment Plan that would outline the development priorities of the TIF District. In order to do this, the Task Force designed and implemented a public input process that went far beyond what is statutorily required by TIF law. Four public meetings were held at which the broader community had the opportunity to express their desires for the kinds of development they would like to see happen as well as the desire to be true to the character of the community. The Task Force met weekly to process the information collected from the community and work it into the final Redevelopment Plan. The TIF Task Force disbanded in April 2004.


Lakeshore Campus Advisory Council

The Lakeshore Campus Advisory Council (LSCAC) is a committee of 30 members, appointed by the president of the university, Rev. Michael J. Garanzini, S.J. The LSCAC is chaired by Jennifer Clark, Director of Community Relations, and meets monthly to discuss issues of mutual interest to Loyola and the non-university community. Residents, business owners, civic leaders, and university representatives discuss issues ranging from student life to traffic congestion to campus and community development. Since 2002, the LSCAC has tackled issues relating to student-neighbor orientation, liquor license applications, social norms media, and the Lakeshore Campus Master Plan. If you are interested in learning