A 21st century design with 500-year-old roots

The Quinlan School of Business is Chicago’s leading business school for educating leaders who believe in doing more—doing well and doing good. In this spirit, the school’s new Schreiber Center offers compelling opportunities for investment in a unique educational enterprise. We invite you to get to know the layout and cutting-edge design of the Schreiber Center, driven by the pursuit of sustainable technology, and consider the possibilities for your name or business to be associated with a tradition of excellence in business education at Loyola. Attend the Sept. 15 Schreiber Center grand opening.


Tier 1

    Wintrust Financial (The Great) Hall   

  • Located on the top two floors, the Wintrust Financial Hall will crown the Schreiber Center. It will be a prominent multipurpose room and Loyola’s premier event space on our Water Tower Campus. Approximately 2,600 square-feet, the hall will host hundreds of events for Quinlan and the Chicago business community every year, especially for our more than 28,000 alumni.
  • The Atrium

  • A central, 10-story atrium will be the Schreiber Center’s most prominent feature. The atrium will serve a number of functions: it will serve as a networking point on each floor, it will allow air and light into the building’s core, and it will serve as a unifying force, weaving each of the center’s floors together. The atrium is the most important element of the building’s design, bringing its philosophies of transparency, connectivity, and community to life.
  • Lobby and Reception Area

  • Visitors will be welcomed to the Schreiber Center through a sleek, contemporary lobby and reception area with state-of-the-art security features. Its openness to the Great Stairs and views of the surrounding streetscape will set the tone of the entire school. Thousands of students, faculty and staff members, alumni, and partners will pass through its doors every day, maximizing exposure for the donor’s name at the Schreiber Center’s front door.
  • Supply and Value Chain Center   

  • Founded in 2012, the Supply and Value Chain Center connects academic research with real-world practice. Serving as a shared forum for scholars and industry leaders, the center is the first of its kind in Chicago to establish best practices for end-to-end global supply chain management with a focus on sustainability.
  • Director’s office   

  • A gift of John Caltagirone (BSBA ’69)
  • The offices of the directors of Quinlan's various academic programs are available for naming.
  • Center for Risk Management

  • A partnership between Loyola’s School of Law and the Quinlan School of Business, the Center for Risk Management takes an integrated approach to enterprise risk management, focusing on corporate governance and compliance, business ethics, financial and accounting risk, and operational risk. The center is developing an ambitious program, Risk Management IQ, that will provide an index-based analysis of a corporation’s enterprise risk management capabilities and a benchmark analysis against its peers and other industries.
  • The Executive Education Suite   

  • Executive Education at Quinlan delivers a program that is immediately applicable and deeply transformative. Located on the top three floors, the Executive Education Suite will have primacy of place in the new building. With beautiful views and best-in-class amenities, it will provide business leaders with enriching opportunities to network, learn, and invest in their human capital.
  • Baumhart Center for Social Enterprise and Responsibility Suite   

  • Social enterprise harnesses business methods and an entrepreneurial spirit to improve the delivery of vital human services. The Center for Social Enterprise and Responsibility conducts research that supports the emerging social enterprise movement and prepares students for careers in this important new field.
  • The Baumhart Center

  • This space includes several smaller spaces that are also available for naming:
    • Welcome Area
    • Conference Room
    • Library
    • Director’s Office
    • Social Area
    • Break-out Room

Tier 2

    CME Group Foundation Financial Services and Business Analytics Lab   

  • The 66-seat CME Group Foundation Financial Services and Business Analytics Lab, part of the Center for Risk Management, will provide faculty with tools to enhance their curriculum and students with an advantage in a marketplace that puts a high value on experience with the tools of the trade.
  • Business Career Services Suite   

  • The work of preparing our students for successful careers begins before the first day of classes and lasts throughout their careers. With connections to hundreds of area businesses, the donor’s name associated with Quinlan’s Business Career Services will be disseminated to the entire Chicago business community and beyond.
  • Interview rooms

  • The two interview rooms in the Business Career Services Suite are also available for naming.
  • Director’s Office

  • Text here
  • The Alvin and Nancy Gorman Family and Power Construction Company Great Stairs   

  • Located at the base of the Schreiber Center’s 10-story atrium, the stairs will feature bleacherlike seating for 180 and a dynamic presentation area. The stairs will serve as the building’s crossroads, a place where students can eat lunch, catch up on reading, or practice their start-up pitch. In addition to the whole stairway, each of the 13 stairs is available for naming.
  • 13 individual stairs

  • Stair 1
  • Stair 2
  • Stair 3
  • Stair 4
  • Stair 5
  • Stair 6
  • Stair 7
  • Stair 8
  • Stair 9
    A gift of Nicki Pecori (MBA ’96) and Bob Fioretti   
  • Stair 10
    A gift of Merrillyn J. Kosier (MBA ’90) and James F. Kinoshita   
  • Stair 11
  • Stair 12
  • Stair 13
  • Martino Dean's Suite   

  • A gift of Rocco (MBA ’78) and Roxanne Martino
  • The Martino Dean’s Suite will function as the Schreiber Center’s nerve center. The suite will be a prominent naming location for its high volume of Quinlan VIP traffic and will offer a large conference room. Befitting the global reach of the Quinlan School of Business, this room will feature the latest in videoconferencing technology.
  • Dean’s Conference Room

  • The large conference room in the Dean’s Suite is available for naming
  • Dean’s Office

  • The dean's office is available for naming.
  • The Board Room   

  • The Board Room, located on the top floor, will serve all who have a stake in our school: our students, faculty, neighbors, colleagues, partners, and leaders. Approximately 1,800 square feet, graced with city views and a convenient pre-reception area at the peak of the center’s atrium, the Board Room will offer visitors an atmosphere of relaxed elegance.

Tier 3

    The Faculty Commons

  • The Faculty Commons, located on the Schreiber Center’s 10th floor outside the Board Room, will be a dramatic space, flooded with light, overlooking the building’s 10-story atrium. It will be a multi-functional space for formal and informal gatherings and receptions, providing a platform for networking and collaboration.
  • Active Learning Classroom   

  • The Active Learning Classroom will feature tables embedded with screens and ports for students’ electronic devices to facilitate group work. In a digital age when most students organize their lives around technology, the classroom will take full advantage of utilizing this connectivity for unique learning opportunities
  • Classrooms and Breakout rooms   

  • Classrooms and breakout rooms are where the hard work of education gets done. An investment in these spaces will support learning and collaboration. The center will feature 10 classrooms and six breakout rooms to support over 2,000 students. Each classroom will offer natural light through the building’s innovative system of atria.
  • Director and Chair Offices   

  • A gift of John Caltagirone (BSBA ’69)
  • The offices of the Quinlan School of Business’s department chairs and directors, located throughout the building, are available for naming for those interested in particular business fields and initiatives.
  • Accounting Director Office   

  • A gift of Mark Essig (BBA ’81)
  • Sport Management Office   

  • A gift of Karen and Stephen Sweeney
  • The Four Social Areas

  • Quinlan is dedicated to expanding productive networks within the school and in the business community. The Schreiber Center’s four Social Areas, located within the 10-story atrium, will create connections by bridging disciplines, providing informal gathering spaces, and inspiring with dramatic city views.
  • 4th floor Social Area   

  • A gift of Joan A. and William G. Kistner (BBA ’72)

A sponsoring gift

A sponsoring gift for the Schreiber Center was made to Loyola by John and Kathy Schreiber. Mr. Schreiber graduated from the Undergraduate School of Business Administration in 1968. The gift is dedicated to F. Virgil Boyd and Raymond C. Baumhart, S.J. Each provided inspiration and guidance to Mr. Schreiber and enhanced both his business education and career after Loyola. And now you have a similar opportunity to support an institution that will continue to build on this great tradition of honoring those who have paved our way and those who will propel us forward into the future of business.

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