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Hi Loyola students! Want to work on improving study skills, time management, notetaking, stress management, exam or finals preparation, or other learning strategies?

Success Coaches are highly trained graduate students who can help you identify opportunities to take your academic success to the next level.  In a FREE, personalized Success Coach meeting, you will meet one-on-one to talk about your experiences inside and out of the classroom, identify areas for growth, and create a customized, realistic plan for success. 

Learn more about the Success Coaches below!

How to sign up for Success Coaching

You can sign up for Success Coaching appointments directly through TutorTrac, using your UVID and password:

  • Click “Search Availability” after logging in 
  • Within the drop-down box click on “SUCCESS COACHING” as the Center
  • For “consultant” you can enter "optional" or select a specific Coach's name from the drop down box
  • For time, put in the week for when you would like the appointment OR leave blank 
  • Click "Search"
  • Select the appointment time that works for you, and click "Reason" to select the main reason that you are coming to Success Coaching. It's ok if you have multiple reasons - just select one here.
  • Enable “texting reminders” so you don't forget the appointment.
  • Click save and you are done!

Questions? E-mail Sam Siner, Assistant Director of the Tutoring Center, at ssiner@luc.edu

Meet the Success Coaches! 


Madison Cunningham


Hometown: Kenai, Alaska

Graduate Program: MEd in Higher Education 

Madison received her Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies and General History from Colorado State University in 2017, and is currently pursuing her Masters of Education here at Loyola University Chicago. She is passionate about supporting students through their first year experience, as well as promoting holistic student development. Madison loves building community with others and providing an inclusive environment for all students.

Fun fact: Madison loves adventure, from trekking Machu Picchu to studying abroad in Rome! 


Ryan Renee (Ryan is just fine!)


Hometown: I am from Homewood-Flossmoor, a south suburb about 30 miles out from campus

Graduate Program: MEd/EdS in School Psychology

Professionally, I'm really passionate about the equal access to and effectivity of student resources and services insofar as educational and extracurricular funding, especially when it comes to the Arts. I had the privilege of attending a high school that prioritized creative arts in conjunction to your typical core curriculum, and it had a huge impact on how I live my life now; thus, I would really love to be a part of making as many opportunities to get involved in these ventures available as possible!

I'm a big TV buff. My current favorite genres are Children's (a la Disney and Pixar) and superhero (Marvel over DC) as far as movies are concerned; for TV, I really like competition shows, especially cooking ones, documentaries and mockumentaries based upon crime. 

Fun Fact: While attending undergrad at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, I participated in a spoken-word, music, and poetry organization where I was primarily a poet for four years. I'm not a rapper, though some of my favorites are hometown hero Chancellor Bennett, Jermaine Cole, and Childish Gambino. 


Ashley Yattoni


Hometown: Bettendorf, IA

Graduate Program: EdS in Clinical Mental Health Counseling 

I graduated from St. Ambrose University with a BA in Psychology and a Minor in Sociology as a 4-year collegiate athlete. I am an active mentor for the Big Brothers Big Sisters Program, mentoring a 7-year old I have been matched with for two years. I also have worked with at-risk adolescents and behavioral disorder students in a High School setting. I love to travel, read, take my dog (Cooper) for a walk, and play Fortnite in my free time.   

Fun Fact: I have moved over 10 times in my life! 



Mei Zarnitsyna


Hometown: It's complicated/Boston

Graduate Program: EdS in Clinical Mental Health Counseling 

I earned a BA in Philosophy at Boston University and an MA and ABD (“all but dissertation”) status in the PhD program in Philosophy at the University of Illinois, Chicago. I enjoyed teaching philosophy, but at some point I realized that my true passion wasn’t academic philosophy — it’s working with people and helping them to realize their best selves. That’s why I’m in training to become a psychotherapist/counselor, and also why I enjoy helping college students to meet their goals.  I’m a big fan of breaking impossible-looking challenges and tasks into manageable bits and making small, steady, incremental changes that add up to something great. Whatever it is, I'm here to help you achieve it!

In my free time I enjoy riding my bike to places other people would drive to, playing the accordion, practicing and teaching yoga, adult ballet (yes, it’s a thing), running, art cinema, and hanging out with my husband and our cat.

Fun fact: I’ve lived in three countries besides the United States, and I learned two foreign languages in my 20s, when it was supposedly too late (it’s never actually too late). 

Academic learning experience: One time I set a totally unsustainable fitness goal for myself - it involved getting up at 5 am to take a class where I worked out with ROTC students, and it would have been a great idea, except that (a) I'm not a morning person, (b) I didn't change my night-owl ways, and (c) I treated every run like I was running for my life from zombies. I ended up dropping the class after two weeks. And that is how I learned the importance of SMART goals! 

Brittany Sova


Hometown: Naperville, IL (Western Suburb of Chicago)

Graduate Program: MEd/EdS in School Psychology

Hello Everyone! My name is Brittany.  I am a first year graduate student at Loyola studying school psychology. As you can see above, I grew up in the Chicago area. For people who are new to Chicago, please try a Chicago style hot dog from Portillos.  This is highly debated, but I believe Giordano’s has the best pizza in Chicago.

Before realizing I am a foodie, I have always known that I have loved helping others and loved studying the field of psychology. I graduated from Clarke University (Dubuque, Iowa) with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. I was a 4-year Collegiate Athlete at Clarke University. I played soccer there and still play soccer today in an adult co-ed league. I learned the importance of time-management and keeping my priorities in order by being a student athlete. I look forward to helping others navigate undergraduate life as a Success Coach!

Fun Fact: I have lived in Colombia (yes, the place where Sofia Vergara and Shakira are from) as well as New York City!