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Summer Session A & B Academic and Learning Support

The Tutoring Center is excited to offer Peer Tutoring and Success Coaching appointments to help students reach their academic goals this summer! Summer A services start Monday, May 24, 2020 and Summer B services start Monday, July 6, 2020.

Summer 2021 students, check out the following resources to learn strategies and skills for how to be successful during your online term! 

About Peer Tutoring 

The Tutoring Center is offering FREE Peer Tutoring for the following courses during Summer Session A.  

  • BIOL 101/ 111/ 251/ 265/ 282
  • Business: ACCT 201, ECON 201, INFS 247, ISSCM 241, MARK 201, MGMT 201
  • CHEM 101/111/ 223   
  • MATH 117/118/ 131/161 
  • Nursing: GNUR 290/ 294
  • PHYS 111/111L  
  • PSYC 304  
  • STAT 103

The Tutoring Center is offering FREE Peer Tutoring for the following courses during Summer Session B.  

Summer Session B tutoring drop-in schedule will be posted on the Tutoring Center homepage (luc.edu/tutoring) Monday, July 6. 

  • ACCT 201/ 202 
  • BIOL 102/ 112/ 251/ 265/ 282 
  • CHEM 102/ 112/ 224 
  • ECON 201/ 202 
  • GNUR 290/ 294 
  • MATH 117/ 118/ 131/ 132/ 162 
  • PHYS 112/112L  
  • PSYC 304  
  • STAT 103 

Who is my peer tutor? 

Our enthusiastic and knowledgeable Loyola undergraduate student tutors will assist in helping you achieve your academic goals over the summer! Our tutors are highly trained and have been working within the Tutoring Center for the past academic year.  

How do I access peer tutoring? There are 2 ways! 

1) We offer drop-in tutoring hours via Zoom for all courses listed above. Go to our online schedule, luc.edu/tutoring, and click on the “Tutoring Session Schedule” in the top right corner. Select your course’s Zoom link during the date/time of the tutoring session. That’s it!  

2) In addition, you can schedule 1-hour appointments on TutorTrac for the classes listed above if you wish to ensure a set block of time is spent on the course content. Your tutor will send you a Zoom link within an hour of the appointment time. Appointments can range from 1-8 students depending who signs-up and need to be made at least 12 hours in advance. If you miss more than two appointments without letting your tutor/Tutoring Center staff know in advance, tutoring privileges may be revoked.  

The Tutoring Center highly recommends students also contact their professor if there have questions. Tutors do not replace the professor but are there to serve as an additional resource. 

Steps to make an appointment: 

  • Login to TutorTrac on the Center’s site, www.luc.edu/tutoring, or directly here, https://tutortrac.luc.edu/ 
  • Use your LUC username (the letters before your @luc.edu) and password to login 
  • Click “Search Availability” on the left-hand side  
  • Select CENTER as “Summer Tutoring 
  • Select SECTION as your course 
  • Select REASON as “Group Tutoring 
  • Then click “SEARCH 
  • Select the date/time of the appointment and you are good to go!  

How do I prepare for a tutoring session? Bring your notes, textbook, and questions for your tutor. Be prepared that your tutor is not going to do the work for you (that would be cheating!) but they will help you get to the answer!   

About Success Coaching 

The Tutoring Center is offering Success Coaching over Zoom and in-person in the Tutoring CenterSuccess Coaching is free and open to all students. At Success Coaching, students can set goals, identify areas for growth, and create a customized plan for success. Students can work on topics such as success in online learning, organization, time management, notetaking, and exam preparation in a personalized way. 

Who is my Success Coach? 

Our Success Coaches are highly trained graduate students who have been working within the Tutoring Center for the past academic year.   

How do I access Success Coaching 

You can schedule 1-hour appointments on Navigate. If you miss more than two appointments without letting your Success Coach know in advance, coaching privileges may be revoked. See our Navigate Success Coaching guide for details on how to sign up for Success Coaching.

Writing Center

The Writing Center is holding appointments online this summer! Check out their website for more information.

Accessing Zoom 

If you have never used Zoom before, login to https://luc.zoom.us/ using your LUC UVID and password. Then, download the Zoom program (on laptops) or app (on smartphones/tablets). Then, click on the Zoom link provided on our website or by the Peer Tutor or Success Coach. Alternatively, enter in the meeting ID into the Zoom app. 

If the student does not have access to a webcam, microphone, or the internet, the student is encouraged to reach out to the Peer TutorSuccess Coach, and/or Tutoring Center staff (tutoringcenter@luc.edu) for alternative options.   

If Zoom is not working, students are encouraged to review the Zoom participant’s guide, call ITS at 773-508-4487, or email ITS at helpdesk@luc.edu.    

If the Zoom link is not working or the Peer Tutor/ Success Coach is not present at the designated time, please email them or tutoringcenter@luc.edu.   

Contact the Tutoring Center 

Please contact the Tutoring Center, at tutoringcenter@luc.eduwith any questions or concerns. We do our best to respond in 24 hours! We hope you have a wonderful summer session! 

Contact the Student Accessibility Center

Student Accessibility Center 

Have a question about accommodations? The Student Accessibility Center (SAC) has moved online this summer, so please visit the SAC website to learn more about how SAC is supporting students.