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Loyola Aware

Loyola Aware is Loyola’s information security awareness program designed for all faculty and staff. The purpose of the program is to increase employees’ security awareness by providing short video snippets that bring to light specific topics in information security. By increasing awareness, the program allows everyone to recognize IT Security concerns and respond accordingly. Beginning in October 2015, ITS will release a series of training modules, distributed by the University Information Security Office, that can be accessed via Sakai. Each module contains a brief video followed by five assessment questions. The idea is to reinforce the video content by asking questions to let the participant self assess their understanding about each topic. The modules contain a variety of topics which include: social engineering, email and messaging, browsing and many others.

To Access Loyola Aware

1) Log in your Sakai account with your UVID and password: https://sakai.luc.edu/

2) All current LUC employees should already be enrolled in Loyola Aware. If the course does not appear at the top of the page, please click on “More Sites” to check. If you believe you are not enrolled in Loyola Aware, please email DataSecurity@luc.edu.

3) There should be four tabs on the left side of the page: Home, Lessons, Gradebook and Help

4) To access the training, you can either click the “Click Here” hyperlink on the “Home” page or click on the “Lessons” tab.

5) Once in the lessons tab, it is recommended that first, watch the monthly video and second complete the associated assessment.

6) Assessments are available for unlimited attempts. Users can click on the Gradebook to check their scores and get immediate feedback.

For additional question or assistance, please contact the University Information Security Office: DataSecurity@luc.edu