Loyola University Chicago

University Information Security Office

Information Technology Services


1. Login to Sakai. You will see "OSCCR: DMCA VIOLATIONS" menu beside the "My Workspace" menu.


2. Then go to DMCA Test menu on the left.


3. Before you start your quiz, make sure that you have watched the 8 minute long video about illegal downloading at the bottom of the first page.‌

4. Click Begin Assessment. You will begin your quiz. Click the "Next" button to continue through the quiz. Be sure to answer all 10 questions before you submit.

5. When you go to the 10th question, click the "Submit for Grading" button to submit and see your grade.


  6. If you are sure you're ready to submit, click "Submit for Grading" again. Or, click Previous to review your answers.

7. After submitting, go to Gradebook menu to see your grade


If you have any question, please contact us at datasecurity@luc.edu.