Loyola University Chicago

University Marketing and Communication

Process for New Jobs

The job request, which contains basic information about the job, alerts UMC of your specific need. A project leader then follows up to ensure that the goals and expectations are understood. Questions may be asked that clarify the main message, audience, timeline, budget, etc. Team members brainstorm ideas that help clients achieve the stated goals. Communication among all parties is expected. Agreements are solidified via a design estimate and, when possible, a creative brief.

  • Prior to filing out the job request, it’s helpful that proposed copy is written and approved by major stakeholders, with flex points understood (what’s mandatory, potential trims, etc.). If you have photographs, all the better, but it isn’t mandatory.

CONCEPTS ARE SHARED (typically, two or three weeks after submission of materials)
Team members present options to the client, who considers them for direction and “big picture” edits. Feedback from the client’s key stakeholders should be sought at this point. The client shares feedback with team members via the Basecamp collaboration system. A direction is decided upon, and adjustments are discussed and made.

The client reviews alterations, if any. At this point, the overarching visual direction should be set, and the copy should be nearly final. UMC writers proof copy for clarity and adherence to University style. The client approves written material and returns alterations, if any, via Basecamp. Client receives a final PDF.

Client supplies mailing lists and any special fulfillment or delivery instructions to the project leader. Files are prepped and sent for printing or web deployment.

Clients are surveyed, and outcomes are shared.