Loyola University Chicago

University Marketing and Communication

Summer 2015

  • The pursuit of happiness

    What is happiness? Does it come from health, wealth, or something else entirely? Living in a consumer society, these questions can be difficult and confusing to answer. Ethics expert Al Gini gives his take on the matter.
  • Identifying victims of Burge torture

    A judge working to identify victims of torture by former Chicago Police commander turned to Dean David Yellen. With the help of seven Loyola law students, Yellen sorted through more than 500 letters and court files for the case.
  • Opening up opportunity

    In spring 1965, Adrienne Bailey and a group of her Mundelein College classmates marched on Selma, Alabama, in support of civil rights. She knew it was a crucial moment for social change, and she now embraces a career advocating for more just education systems.
  • A powerful force for change

    Candace Musick knew from the start that she wanted to help people, and she attributes much of her achievement to the experience provided by the School of Social Work. She knew from her first semester at Loyola that social work was the field for her.
  • Coworking in the community

    Entrepreneur Nicole Vasquez (MBA ’11) uses the skills she gained at Loyola to launch a progressive workspace for independent workers.
  • Lawrence Benito: Advocate for immigrants' rights

    Lawrence Benito (MSW '98), a former Center for Urban Research and Learning (CURL) graduate fellow, spoke this past spring at the center's Alumni Speaker Series. Read about his cause, his time at Loyola, and his progress in the field.
  • Lifetime Loyolans

    Marty Lane (BS '65) and Bob Ward (BS '65) both worked at Loyola University Chicago, were classmates in college, and are celebrating their 50th reunion this year. In the interview here, they reflect on their time at Loyola as students, staff members, and alumni.
  • Discovery: Chemistry meets nature

    Chemistry Professor Patrick Daubenmire strives to teach students about more than the nuts and bolts of chemistry. He wants them to understand why the subject is valuable and how it affects people's lives—particularly with regard to sustainability.
  • Q&A with the interim president

    At the request of the Board of Trustees, John Pelissero, PhD, is serving as the interim president of Loyola University Chicago. Pelissero has been a member of Loyola's political science faculty for 30 years. His deep knowledge of Loyola, his commitment, and his invaluable contributions to Loyola's strategic efforts make him uniquely qualified to lead the University during this transition.
  • The Chicago kid

    "It's a dream job. Every day I'm so excited to wake up. It's no lie. I can't wait to go to work." These are the words of a man who is particularly well suited to his profession. Lou Canellis (BA '87), the lead sports anchor at FOX 32 in Chicago, host of Chicago Bears television programming, and more, is a lifelong sports fan with years of experience in Chicago media.
  • Sr. Gannon turn 100

    Former president of Mundelein College and lifelong educator, Ann Ida Gannon, BVM, turned 100 this year. Sr. Gannon's introduction to Mundelein College was in 1928, when she attended Immaculata High School in Chicago's Buena Park neighborhood.