Loyola University Chicago

University Marketing and Communication

Strategic Marketing Audit

Strategic Web Redevelopment is a collaborative, data-driven approach to optimizing your website to meet your business goals. This process is ideal for academic and administrative units looking to:

  • Fix a cluttered or confusing web presence
  • Promote new or existing programs
  • Reach a particular audience

The redevelopment process starts with a thorough audit of available information about your site, including deep analysis of user data, search engine performance, site architecture, news/editorial content, design elements, technology usage, and competitor/peer websites. This information is used as a basis for making and tracking changes to the site, including:


  • Restructuring navigation
  • Search engine optimization
  • Driving traffic to key programs
  • Improving overall user experience

This process is ideal for schools, departments, or programs whose web presence is 

Cluttered or confusing website