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FAQ: Hiring a videographer

Some questions to consider before hiring a freelance videographer:

The list of UMC videographers includes freelancers we have worked with before who have their information on file with the University.

After completing the job, the videographer should send you an invoice. Send the invoice to Accounts Payables (ACCOUNTS-PAYABLES@luc.edu). It generally takes 10 business days to process the invoice.

Decide what your goals are so the videographer has an understanding of deliverables before payment is agreed upon. Some questions to ask yourself before hiring the videographer include:

  • How do you want the video to be used? (An event filmed for archival purposes, a string
    of interviews to edit into a short wrap, a video to use at an upcoming event, content
    for a website or social media)
  • What do you hope to accomplish? (A call to action, promoting a campaign, etc.)
  • What will the videographer need to film and what length do you need the video to be?

Discuss with the videographer in advance if you’d like to include additional materials, such as archival material or photos, and how to share those assets.

Submit any text you’d like to include for slides, lower thirds, and an introduction/closer.

Discuss your budget with the videographer and their rates to land on a price before the shoot.

Talk to the videographer up front about their timeline and your expectations, such as whether you need time to review/approve the video. If you have an immediate need for the video you may need to ask for a rush of deliverables.

If you think you might use the raw footage from the video project sometime in the future, discuss how you can get access to the footage after the project is complete.

Some organizations will put video footage on hard drive, or ask you to purchase a hard drive in advance so they may transfer the footage onto a drive for you. If you need footage directly after an event, let the video freelancer know upfront.

Ask the videographer about their preferred method of file sharing. Some send a secure link through Yousendit, Dropbox, or another file sharing service, or you may request that the video be delivered on a thumb drive.

We have the right and request to see the final video before it is officially published to make sure it adheres to Loyola’s branding standards. Please send the final video to the multimedia team.