Freshman Admission Counselors

Sara Lang
Admission Counselor

Colorado, Iowa, Nebraska, Northern Ohio (Akron, Cleveland, Toledo), Pennsylvania

  • E-mail:
  • Phone:773.508.7442
  • Hometown: Omaha, NE
  • High School: Duchesne Academy
  • Degrees: BA in Communication and English, Rockhurst University

What I like most about Loyola: Loyola is a home to all regardless of background and life experience. There is immediately a sense of welcoming and inclusion across campus for both students and staff. Having two brothers attend school here, I’ve come to understand the vast scope of opportunities, from study abroad to research projects in the bio-diesel lab to Loyola’s very own quidditch team. No matter your interests, you will find a community­−and a home­−here.

Aaron Durnbaugh, director of sustainability, shared his wealth of sustainability knowledge and provided me with opportunities for learning and growth.

Christie Kochis

Institute of Environmental Sustainability


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