Freshman Admission Counselors

Sam Schurkamp
Admission Counselor

Colorado, Iowa, Nebraska

  • E-mail:
  • Phone:773.508.7761
  • Hometown: Grand Haven, MI
  • High School: Grand Haven High School
  • Degrees: BS in Environmental Science & BA in English/Creative Writing, Loyola University Chicago

What I like most about Loyola: There is a way to deepen your engagement with anything you care about. As a student, I got to study the environment and grow as a writer through my degrees, but I also got to play in the orchestra, volunteer with high school students, play sports, and more. As a staff member now, I love seeing the way Loyola encourages everyone to explore their passions and become well-rounded people.

No matter what faith you identify with, Loyola welcomes everyone and there is always room to grow spiritually.

Hannah Jankowski

Marcella Niehoff School of Nursing


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