Loyola University Chicago

CTA U-Pass

Fall 2020 U-Pass FAQ

We understand that Fall 2020 will be a unique semester for everyone. Please check the below FAQs for information about how U-Passes will function for Fall 2020. If you have questions after reading the FAQ, please reach out to upass@luc.edu and we'll be happy to help!

Check your email for an email from upass@luc.edu. If your U-Pass is currently available, you will have received an email notifying you. If you have not gotten an email notifying you yet, your U-Pass is still being processed. Email upass@luc.edu to check on the status.

If you have received an email notifying you your U-Pass is available, all U-Passes will be available for pickup from the Damen Student Center information desk (hours: 7am-8pm 7 days/week). Pickup at the Water Tower campus is not available for Fall 2020.

Activation and deactivation dates can be found here: https://www.luc.edu/upass/activation/dates


Replacement passes cost $50 and this fee cannot be waived. They can be ordered online at http://www.luc.edu/upass/replace.

Replacement U-Passes cannot be mailed.

Please note that for Fall 2020, replacement U-Passes can ONLY be picked up at the Lake Shore Campus at the Damen Student Center information desk. Replacement U-Passes cannot be delivered to or picked up at the Water Tower Campus.

No. The waiver request form is now closed for Fall 2020 and no other waiver requests can be honored. We will update this area if a waiver request is available for Winter 2020 or Spring 2021.

Check your LOCUS account. The CTA Upass credit/waiver will appear on your student account the day after you complete the waiver form. This waiver will reduce the amount owed: it will either remove the CTA U-Pass fee or ensure the fee is not applied to your account for Fall 2020 in the first place. It will NOT appear as a cash refund.

Yes! Your U-Pass card will be activated in later semesters, so keep your card to avoid paying the $50 replacement fee for a new one.

Your U-Pass card can also always be used as a regular full-fare Ventra card when the U-Pass is not activated on it. This means you can always use the card using your own funds in semesters where you do not have an active U-Pass.

Finally, if you are a new student who has not received your U-Pass card yet, but has requested a waiver or plans to do so, you may pick up your card at Distribution. Distribution information can be found here https://www.luc.edu/upass/u-passdistribution/distributions/ and will be updated as we finalize plans. If you do not plan to use the card at all for Fall 2020, however, please wait to pick up your card so more students who are using their cards will be able to pick theirs up.

If you pay in full (bringing your overall balance to zero for everything, not just the U-Pass fee) without the waiver posted to your account, you can expect an overpayment in the amount of the fee to be refunded in mid-September. You can reach out to the Bursar's office for more information on this.

Unfortunately, our contract with the CTA states that the U-Pass cannot be deactivated until the actual semester end date. So while students will not be on campus after Thanksgiving break, since the actual semester end date is in December (except for Graduate School of Business students), the deactivation date must be set on or after that date. Activation and deactivation dates are set by the individual school and cannot be changed at this time or for individual students.

Please be sure to check our full FAQ page here to see if your question is covered: https://www.luc.edu/upass/u-passtroubleshooting/faqs/

If not, you can always email upass@luc.edu and we'll be happy to answer your question!