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Chicago Transit Authority (CTA)

Chicago Transit Authority, also known as CTA, is the operator of mass transit within the City of Chicago, Illinois and some of its surrounding suburbs, including the trains of the Chicago 'L' and CTA bus service.

CTA oversees the U-Pass program as is constituted in a contract that has been agreed upon by Loyola University Chicago. CTA sets policies that schools are obligated to adhere to. Loyola University Chicago works closely with CTA administration on the continued development of the U-Pass program. 

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CTA U-Pass Program


Ventra Chicago

Ventra is an electronic fare payment system for the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) and Pace that is replacing the Chicago Card and the Transit Card automated fare collection system. Ventra (purportedly Latin for "windy," though the actual Latin word is ventosa) launched in August 2013, with a full system transition slated for July 2014. The payment system includes several options of payment, including a contactless smart card powered by RFID, a single day or use ticket powered by RFID, any personal bank-issued credit card or debit card that has an RFID chip, and a compatible Mobile phone. Ventra is operated by Cubic Transportation Systems.

Ventra issues the U-Pass transit card. Each card is valid for 5 years for each student. Ventra handles intermediate customer service issues, and is serves a reference for students having card issues. Loyola University Chicago works closely with Ventra to ensure that students cards are activated and functioning properly.

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