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Replacement Pass Process

As students begin to use their U-Pass, they should be aware of the following rules for being a U-Pass cardholder:

  • Students should handle their card carefully. There is a replacement fee if the card stops working as a result of abuse.
  • The U-Pass is for the issuing students' use ONLY. The pass cannot be transferred or sold. If this rule is violated, CTA reserves the right to confiscate the pass and prohibit any student from having the U-Pass for a full year.
  • If a pass is lost/stolen, a $50 non-refundable replacement fee payable in Rambler Bucks will be collected.
  • If a card is damaged, students must visit Ventra Chicago Headquarters to request a waiver for the U-Pass fee. Ventra will test the card to ensure that it is damaged. They will issue the student a 7 day CTA pass. The student must visit one of Loyola University Chicago's (2) service locations to order a new pass. They will not be charged the replacement fee

Ordering a Replacement Pass

Students can visit one of our service locations (located on each campus) to order a replacement U-Pass. The $50 non-refundable fee can ONLY be paid for using Rambler Bucks. Please note that this is a CTA fee, not a Loyola fee, and cannot be waived except in the case of a Damaged Pass waiver from the CTA. Staff will verify your eligibility by swiping your student ID (required) through a reporting system that is tied to our eligibility report structure. Once verified, the pass can be ordered. 

Passes take between 5-7  business days to arrive to the campus that your program is based at.  Once passes arrive, an email will be sent notifying any student that their U-Pass replacement pass has arrived. Students can pick up U-Pass replacement passes during the respective hours of operation at the customer service locations listed below.

Students that wish to have their U-Pass transferred in between campuses, must request the transfer by contacting U-Pass

Students MUST activate any new replacement card before use:

  • Activate by calling 1-877-450-5328. Students MUST call to activate the card or it will not work properly. Students will need their U-Pass and your student ID to complete this procedure.  The card activates approximately 15 -20 minutes after calling. Your U-Pass will not work until activated.
  • If  you need assistance with activation or your U-Pass does not work after the activation process, please call Ventra Customer Service at 1-877-669-8368. Press "1" for English or "2" for Spanish. Press "0" to speak to a Ventra Chicago representative. 

Customer Service Locations

Lake Shore Campus-
Damen Student Center
6511 N. Sheridan Rd.
Chicago, IL 60626

Fall and Spring hours: 6:00am-1:00am Mon- Fri, 8:00am-1:00am Sa-Su*

Summer hours (Starting May 5, 2018): 6:00am-8:00pm Mon-Fri; 8:00am-8:00pm Sa-Su*


*The Damen Student Center is open over Winter and Summer Breaks but has different hours of operation. Please visit the Damen Student Center page for more information. 


The Terry Student Center Information Desk is closed over Summer summer breaks and school holidays. Please visit the Damen Student Center Information Desk to order replacement U-Passes.

Terry Student Center Information Desk
2nd Floor, Terry Student Center
26 E Pearson Ave
Chicago, IL 60611

Fall and Spring hours:

9am-6pm Mon- Fri

Closed weekends

Fall Break: Closed

Thanksgiving : Closed

Summer Break: Closed

 Closed University scheduled breaks and holidays

Please visit Terry Student Center for more information.