Loyola University Chicago

Vietnam Center

Environmental Research


As part of the Environmental Challenges Facing our World: Vietnam and the Environment specialization in the Fall semester, you will have the opportunity to undertake a 15-week research experience pertaining to an environmental issue faced by Vietnam. Some examples of research opportunities may include: 

  • Studying and applying waste reduction and treatment models in the Mekong delta
  • Assessing water quality to study the impacts of aquaculture farming on wetlands
  • Examining the ecological systems of mangrove areas 
  • Investigating the occurrence and type of marine litter 

Environmental Research opprtunities are offered only in the Fall semester at the Vietnam Center. To apply, you need to submit the following documents via email to Chris Albright, Director of the Vietnam Center by April 15th. 

  1. Up-to-Date Resume
    • Use this resume writing guide for guidance on creating quality resumes.
    • Be sure to include any previous science and environmental studies courses you have taken. 
  2. Personal Statement of Interest (300 words maximum) 
    • This statement should explain your goals and objectives for the research placement. Include information about the type of research that interests you and the skills you would like to gain through your work. This statement is really important in determining what options may exist for you.
  3. Professional Recommendation Letter
    • Submit a letter of reference from a faculty member that you have conducted research with or has taught one of your lab courses. If you are unable to provide such as letter, please email Vietnam@LUC.edu.
  4. A list of the courses you intend to take while in Vietnam 

Research slots are limited and competitive, so please submit your documentation to Mr. Albright as soon as possible to be given full consideration. You will be asked to do a Skype interview with Mr. Albright or with a potential research supervisor before a final determination is made. You will receive further instructions on this after you have submiitted your application materials. 

Students must have already applied and have been admitted to study at the Vietnam Center before being considered for an internship. If you receive a research placement, you will be enrolled in either ENVS 391: Independent Environmental Research or ENVS 395: Environmental Internship, depending on the nature of your project, to receive academic credit. Please consult with your academic advisors before applying for a research experience to know how it fits in your overall academic plan.

Students from other institutions are also strongly encouraged to apply, but please check with your home institution about credit transfer rules for research. If you are unable to get academic credit for such an experience, but still wish to do one, contact us at Vietnam@LUC.edu to discuss your options.