Loyola University Chicago

Vietnam Center

Financial Aid & Scholarship Opportunities

The Vietnam Center knows that finances are a key hurdle for students studying abroad. This section outlines all the ways that you can make attending the Vietnam Center a reality. 

Financial Aid

Regardless of where you attend college, all federal and state financial aid can be used towards the cost of studying at the Vietnam Center, excluding Federal Work Study. 

Loyola University Chicago students will use their LUC institutional scholarships and grants on a proportional basis. For example, if your Damen scholarship covers 50% of your normal LUC tuition, it will be adjusted to cover 50% of your Vietnam Center tuition. Please email abroadfinaid@LUC.edu for any questions regarding your financial aid package and how it applies to study at the Vietnam Center.

Visiting students need to work with home institutions to see what additional financial aid (including institutional scholarships) may be available for studying at the Vietnam Center. Your study abroad and financial aid staff will be able to help you with any questions you have regarding billing and financial aid for studying at the Vietnam Center.


Scholarship Opportunities

Vietnam Center Scholarship

Need-based scholarships are available to any student who plans to study at the Vietnam Center. Awards range from $500 per semester to $2,500 per semester and are competitive. We strongly encourage students to consider applying for Vietnam Center scholarships.

To apply, complete the Vietnam Center Scholarship Application.


Gilman Scholarship Information

Students from all universities should consider applying for the Gilman Scholarship Program, if they are attending the Vietnam Center program. If you are a Pell Grant recipient, studying in Vietnam can be incredibly competitive for the Gilman Scholarship.

For more information about the program, please visit the Gilman Scholarship website or speak with the Fellowship office at your institution.